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SMARKETING stands for over all project and eventmarketing.

Whether asked to assist on parts of a project or asked to take on complete responsibility for a total challenge, all SMARKETING's efforts revolve around a company and its market.

The core competencies of SMARKETING are in the following areas:


- Developpping of new markets and distribution channels
- Launches of products and services
- Openings (incl. training concepts)
- New market directions and new positioning (relaunches,
- modifications, adapting infrastructure)
- Communication and public relations (crossmedial)
- Webpages with individually programmed content management
- systems, webmastering


- Big public and private events
- Guest and client events (corporate client events, community
- events)
- Cultural events (art exhibitions, private views, concerts, etc.)
- Hospitality- und catering-infrastructure (idea, concept, execution)
- Promotions of products and services (e.g. POP/POS-events)


Working method


Project- and Eventmarketing